Expand In-House Capacity

Your in-house counsel may not have the bandwidth to deal thoroughly with everything on their radar screen.

Still, you need a long-term plan to assess the ongoing legal risks in R&D, clinical, HR and finance and to help plan the strategies that are actually critical to your company’s ultimate success. A great solution may be to retain an experienced, industry-savvy legal executive on a part-time basis as a member of your legal group to provide insight and continuity and to help resolve some of the legal challenges of your business. I also support in-house counsel, providing extensive industry experience and cost-effective, proven legal expertise on general matters and special projects.

Your enterprise has some issues with technology transfer or sponsored research agreements, or concerns about NIH related rules and policies.

I directed the technology transfer office at NIH for five years.  And I have many years of experience in helping clients negotiate federal laboratory CRADAs and university sponsored research agreements, as well as patent license and clinical agreements from government and academia.