Practice Areas

How do you manage legal risks while maximizing business opportunities and building value?

Managing legal risks, optimizing business opportunities and building value requires experience, judgment and coordination with other members of the management team.  Sometimes the legal challenges facing an enterprise are compartmentalized or addressed too late to fully manage their risk and optimize value for the enterprise.  In companies without in-house counsel, there may not be anybody responsible for the legal function that has formal legal training.

The solution:  retain a legal executive who can provide a legal core competency for your enterprise. My legal practice includes the following kinds of projects as examples:

Managing legal and business risks:

  • Meeting and communicating regularly with you and your management team to understand your programs, challenges and opportunities
  • Negotiating and drafting routine commercial contracts
  • Including appropriate exit strategies from research agreements
  • Developing compliance programs for applicable government programs, such as those applicable to recipients of SBIR and federal grant funding
  • Conducting internal training on compliance matters
  • Conducting internal due diligence and freedom to operate assessments

Seizing opportunities and building value:

  • Strategic planning from the risk management, value building and negotiation perspectives
  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Negotiating collaboration and license agreements
  • Designing IP and regulatory exclusivity strategies
  • Managing patent portfolios and overseeing outside patent counsel handling routine patent prosecution
  • Conducting external due diligence evaluations

Doing the right thing:

  • Attending Board meetings, taking minutes and facilitating good governance
  • Developing policies and procedures to encourage appropriate behavior